Greece has a new government: will it last?

Formalities will be announced later, but everything signals towards the continuation of a coalition government between Syriza and the Greek nationalists of Anel. Their leaders, Tsipras and Kammenos, have just hugged on stage as they celebrate the victory and address their supporters. With 60% of votes counted, they would obtain 155 seats together, enough to secure the absolute majority in parliament. This is 7 seats less than in the previous elections in January, but without a considerable number of rebels in Syriza’s ranks.

Tsipras could open up the coalition to other forces like the old centre-left Pasok, or the new, but already failing, pro-media pro-troika To Potami. But this would probably bring more trouble than anything.

This is no doubt Tsipras’ night – despite the long shadow cast by the rise of the neonazis and the shockingly high number of people who stayed at home (around 44% so far).

Will his new government be able to navigate through a seemingly contradictory agenda of implementing the harsh measures of the 3rd bailout programme while mitigating its worst effects, as Tsipras has been repeating in the last months? Or is this just the beginning of the end?

With creditors already knocking at the door for “quick and effective reforms” (read more austerity and privatisations, now), we will know pretty soon whether Tsipras’ bet will pay.

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