Dear Juncker, don’t blame Syriza

From BBC Greece crisis live coverage

“EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker expressed concern about exactly how well-informed the Greek people were about proposed reforms, ahead of a referendum. ‘What do the Greek people know about our (the EU’s) flexibility and determination to help them? What do they know about the details of our common proposals? What do they know of this latest offer we published yesterday? …It would be advisable for the Greek government to tell the truth to the Greek people instead of simplifying the message.'”

Dear Juncker, European technocrats have consciously decided to keep Greeks and other Europeans misinformed, for many years now – claiming that only ‘enlightened’ experts working in Bruxelles could truly understand and decide over economic matters affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Can you seriously blame Syriza for that? The way your Commission has conducted its business up to now is part of the problem, not the solution.


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