Monthly Archives: October 2012

Berlusconi’s shadow looms over Italian politics

Berlusconi’s jail sentence might sound like good news, but it is not. Just two days ago he solemnly announced he would not run for prime minister at the next election. Now he is saying he is thinking about a serious comeback to protect all Italians that like him get unfairly “persecuted” by the justice system. Berlusconi’s ghost has not abandoned Italy quite yet, and it’s not likely to do so in the near future.


Swaziland: another constitutional crisis in the make

On Wednesday 3 October, the Swazi House of Assembly passed a vote of no confidence on the government, in line with provision in the new constitution promulgated in 2005. The government however is refusing to accept this decision and declares it will ignore the motion and continue its activities. According to the constitution, the king is now expected to dissolve the government, but the monarch has yet to provide any official statement on the matter. This is the beginning of another constitutional crisis in Swaziland.

U.S., freedom of speech and the arrest of the anti-Islam video producer

Only a few days after Obama’s speech at the UN general assembly and his unambiguous defence of freedom of speech as a constitutional right, the producer of the anti-Islam video is arrested for other charges that have nothing to do with the content of the video. The U.S. has a long tradition of covering up for what are really political prisoners by charging them with other crimes. The American state might protect freedom of speech, the only problem is you might be arrested for something else.