Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dreams, fantasies, reality

Dreams have legs but they can also burn you out. Fantasies constantly thriving in our unconscious, day and night, we wake up each morning for another battle, another race, another “I want this, and I am going to get it, or am I? Can I really get it?”.  The serene fixity of that bodily reality that is there to stay, this is all that remains after struggles and imaginative leaps stop for a few moments. It is what grounds us in this world. But it’s not enough, and so we start dreaming again.


Romney, Ryan and “the next president of the United States”

Romney accepts defeat before the actual elections with Obama, and presents Paul Ryan, his vice-presidential running mate, as “the next president of the United States”. I guess the prediction here is that Paul Ryan will eventually beat the Democrats for the presidential post, perhaps in four years time.